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Glamour and Boudoir Photography

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High End Retouch


- Removing blemish
- Removing red-eye
- Removing wrinkles
- Smoothing skin
- Body shape correction

Photo Restoration

We all have old photographs which are our memories, frozen moments of our live history of our family.
They have great sentimental value for us, are irreplaceable part of our history.

With my photo restoration service, all those memories, moments still live on. So, take those priceless photos out of drawer and bring them to me
I will bring them to live again.

Finally I can print those photographs in original size or enlarge them to at least double dimension.

- Removing scratches
- Removing creases
- Removing spots
- Repleacing missing parts of photo

Basic Restoration:
- photo in very good condition
- small damaged area
- few scratches and spots
- minor retouching
- minor color, brightness, contrast adjustment

Minor Restoration:
- photo in good condition
- small damaged area
- small area significantly damaged
- small missing area
- moderate water damage
- moderate scratches or cracking

Major Restoration:
- photo in very bad condition
- damaged big area
- missing big sections in body or face area
- many scratches or cracking
- yellowing
- significant water damage

Photo Archiving

- Scanning photos in high resolution
- Small color, brightness and contrast adjustments
- Sharpening
- Recording them on CD/DVD and Hard Drive
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